About Us

Roar Ventures is a passion project of Prakriti aka Praks The Explorer, she wanted to open a campsite in 2017, but it took birth during the pandemic. Roar is actually a lockdown project which is born out of love for the outdoors and exploration. She is a project manager by profession & qualifications, an explorer, traveler, and storyteller by passion. She has backpacked India, done 6+ Himalayan treks and is always up for exploring new destinations, places, and experiences.

Before starting Roar Ventures, she was traveling, cafe-hopping, backpacking India, and going on treks and explorations while managing a full-time corporate job. During the pandemic, she was hosting her friends out of passion and showing them around by walking tours, hikes, and exploring the best food places. Her aim is to promote nature living, empower village folks and create opportunities within the village to avoid migration. She plans to add more accommodation options in the future with the same vision and mission to promote the outdoors and connect with nature.

On 19th December 2020, we did our first launch event and started hosting commercially and we have hosted so many happy customers since then. We aren’t selling a stay option, we are selling an experience, an experience which will stay with you forever. We have explored Uksan village and all nearby villages of Kamshet extensively. We know the best of this area and want you all to get the most of your visit to Uksan, Kamshet.

We customize our offerings as well based on the group and individuals, just share your preferences and we will try our best to fulfill it. Anyone can pitch a tent and camp but what we offer is more than just a tent stay, we share our explorations, expertise, and stories as well with you.

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